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Hosted Solution

Turnkey Hosted PBX solution

With a Hosted PBX Solution, You reduce significantly the capital cost of an office PBX. No purchase, lease or maintenance charges. Companies with multiple locations save the cost of separate PBXs for each office.

Long-distance savings

You can make free calls between offices using local extensions. Whether you're calling down the hall or across the country, there is no cost. IP2PBX also offers low long-distance rates on calls to the traditional phone system. Users can also route their office calls to their cellular phones using the IP2PBX network, saving themselves valuable minutes on their plans.

Connecting offices together

With IP2PBX, you can easily connect regional offices and home-based telecommuters so that all employees communicate easily, with no long-distance charges. You can direct calls from one reception desk to multiple locations. Down the hall or across the country, a single extension will reach every employee.

Simplify management

Using the convenience of browser integraded control panel you can add, move or change phone lines in seconds, without contacting the phone company. IP2PBX has the control, flexibility and convenience that your business needs.

Almost instant provisioning

Adding new employees is as simple as creating a new user and plugging an IP phone into your office network. With IP2PBX's hosted solution, you are not restricted by the capacity of your existing PBX and hardware – you can expand capacity and add features as your business needs expands.

Communicate efficiently

Find me
Never miss a call with IP2PBX. You can set incoming calls to ring on different phones in sequence, or simultaneously. And with selective forwarding based on caller ID, you'll never miss an important call.

Follow me
With Follow me, you never again need to play phone tag, this feature allows people to reach you wherever you are without wireless charges or long distance fees.

Outlook integration
With IP2PBX, you can make calls with one click from your Outlook contact list. When you're receiving a call, an onscreen alert notifies you of who's calling, and lets you add them to your contact list if they're a new caller. Plus, receive voicemails as email attachments.

IP2PBX offers solutions for reliability and call quality, enabling connections between remote offices, centralized administration, simple scalability and a host of advanced calling features.

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