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Who we are

IP2PBX is a single source communication solution provider. Our core business is providing connectivity. Whether it be through traditional telephony, data traffic, video conferencing or media streaming, IP2PBX can provide you with a solution which is guaranteed to reduce costs and improve efficiency. We provide an end-to-end telecommunications system featuring VoIP.

Communication has evolved beyond basic telephony. New intelligent technologies such as Voice over IP enables the integration of all aspects of your communications needs, including voice, e-mail, instant messaging, file exchange, user presence, and much more…

IP2PBX understand your business needs and know what it takes for your business to succeed. We bring the strength of our knowledge and experience to you and deliver outstanding service and value to your business.

Our vision is of a world where everyone can be connected to anyone without constraint. A world of connected communities that enables individuals to fulfill their potential and aspirations in business and interpersonal relationship.

IP2PBX delivers solutions beyond cost savings, ask us how.


What is VoipServ-X™ ?

VoipServ-X™ is an entirely IP powered telephone exchange system. It performs all the switching and connecting of VoIP calls While maintaining compatibility with the traditional telephone network. It is also highly programmable and can perform advanced functions like interactive voice response (IVR), call conferencing, click-to-call, call logging and tracking and much more. Using VoipServ-X™ and VoIP telephone service allows your organization to combine your voice and data networks into a single system for cost-savings, simpler management and greater functionality.

How it Works

When you make a call using VoipServ-X™, your voice is sent through the Internet to a Voip service provider enabling your call to be connected to your party. You make and receive calls the same as with your traditional phone service, the difference is in the savings, functionalities and features.

With IP2PBX, you can save up to 60% off your phone bill, even more on international calls and you can be up and running within hours rather then days or weeks.

Contact us today and start saving.

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